Dear Friends of the Juno Beach Centre
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A new battle for Juno Beach is underway.

There is no better place to honour the courage of the Canadians who served in the Second World War than the Juno Beach Centre (JBC). Yet the museum is now facing its greatest threat in nearly 20 years of existence.

Foncim, a French property developer, plans to erect a 70-unit condominium development on Juno Beach, just east of and between the museum and the Seulles River. The development is called Domaine des Dunes.

We are not generally opposed to projects like these on former battlegrounds; the French deserve to enjoy the freedoms our veterans’ sacrifice brought them. However, the Dunes project plans to use the JBC’s private road for access to the building site by construction vehicles and workers. We have great concern for the impact that this will have on the Juno Beach Centre.

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Reporting out of France has already led a small but growing group of Canadians to organize Save Juno Beach. We thank them for their support and hope that you will join this citizens’ campaign. Thank you to our donors and supporters who have already reached out to offer support.

We are rapidly approaching a point of no return. This is an existential threat to the Juno Beach Centre and the Canadian memorial presence in Normandy. Without your support, the legacy that our veterans built for future generations on Juno Beach may disappear entirely.

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