Represents the Branches of the Royal Canadian Legion

in the East end of the Toronto.

   Zone D5 consists of seven Branches.

Scarboro Branch 13
Oakridge Branch 73
Fort York Branch 165
Highland Creek Branch 258
Brigadier O. M. Martin Branch 345
Scarborough Centennial Branch 614
Dambusters Branch 617

Why a Web site for a Zone?

Zone D5 is committed to promoting comradeship and cooperation among the branches, having a site that allows branches to have a common place to share information and notifications of upcoming branch functions and events even if a branch does not have its own website.

Another important reason is to have a place to publicize the results of Zone and District Sports, Youth Education programs.

To find out more about the branches within Zone D5 - click on the number of the branch listed below.

The Branches with a site are linked directly to their site and those without websites are linked to their information page on Ontario Command's web site.

  Fort York (No Site)
Highland Creek
  Brigadier O. M. Martin
  Scarborough Centennial







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