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Zone Council visit's all Branch Levee's - 5 on Monday, January 1st, 2018
Saturday Jan 6, 2018
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Zone D5 Deputy Commander, Chin Tam leads Us at the Provincial Convention in London -May 13, 2017

Zone D5 Legion members support the Bill Tanner Gift giving at Sunnybrook - December 11, 2016

League & Sponsor Appreciation Day at Blackdown Camp

Saturday, July 30th, 2016


Santa's Helpers from Zone D5

District "D" Bill Tanner gift giving at Sunnybrook on Sunday, December 13, 2015

Members from: Branches 165,258,614 & 617

Chairman- Doug Burns & Vice Chairman - Donna Murakami

Stanta's "L" Wing - Phil & "K" Wing-Kevin (Branch 258


Wheels on the Danforth - August 14, 2015

Royal Canadian Legion Branches 73, 13 & 617 were Sponsors the above fundraising event to suport the "Leave the Streets Behind Veterans Program"

All three Branches shown below with Master Cpl. Paul Nichols a former Calgary Highlander

who is riding across Canada by horse to bring awareness of the modern day Veterans.

Immediate Past Zone D5 Commander, Joyce Geddes & Branch 617 - President, Sharon Butler

Branch 13 - Kelly Jackson & Dan Burri

Branch 73 - President Bill Davidson

The Canadian Army Vets Club - Gabby Koch presented to Branch 258 (Wayne Powell) Past President a Certificate of Appreciation for the support to the event - July 18th, 2015!

Ride for the Veterans at Tony Stacey Centre- July 18th, 2015


Branch 258 on their 80th Anniversary

on March 9th, 2015

District 'D' Commander, Jay Burford presented to the Branch President, Wayne Powell

Kelly Jackson on the

Community Service Award on February 28, 2015

by the National Council of Canadian Tamils

* * * * *

This Award has been changed to the Soverign Medal for Vollenteers - December 2016Governor General "Carring Canadian Award" - February 19, 2013

The Honourable David C. Onley is the 28th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and presents Joyce Geddes

* * * * *


JOHN BABCOCK - Our last Man is Down!

John Babcock died today at 109 he was the Last Canadian Soldier of WW1

He enlisted in February 1916 at the age of 15 after lying about his age. He trained in Canada and England but the Great War ended before he reached the trenches. In February 1916, at 15, Babcock signed up and the medical examiner put down his "apparent age" as 18, which meant he was allowed to train. In spite of being under the legal age to fight, which was 19, he continued his attempts to get to the front line. He lied about his age again, and sailed to Britain where underage boys formed the Young Soldiers' Battalion to train until they were eligible to fight. "I wanted to go to France because I was just a tin soldier." In an interview with the Canadian Army website he said: "I don't consider myself to be a veteran, because I never got to fight." He lied about his age again, and sailed to Britain with the Royal Canadian Regiment.

There, conscripts under the legal age of 19 formed the Young Soldiers' Battalion to train until they were eligible to fight. But he never saw action as the Armistice was signed six months before he reached his 19th birthday. He moved to the United States in the 1920s, serving in the United States Army between 1921 and 1924, before becoming an electrician. He now lives in Spokane, Washington.

* * * * *

December 16, 2011 - Br. 258

The mock unvailing of sign install as the 401 and DVP Left to Right: B.Gen Ted Brown (P/P Br. 165),

Stu Kellock (Past- President Br. 165), Marv Rich (P/P Br. 165) Scott Maxwell, David Adamson, Phil Richmond

at the

Semi-Annual District 'D' Meeting

on   April 25, 2010

Legion Branches #11, #258 and #345 were presented with Awards from the

Toronto Police Services Divisions 41, 42 and 43

 for their committment and support to their 

2009 Annual Toy Drive

Branch 11 President - Tom Bragan and Branch 258 President - Jim Gyslinck  

Branch 258 President -Jim Gyslinck Past District 'D' Commander - Ernie Maddocks (Br 345- Imediate Past President)

Branch 258 - March 25, 2012

"Larry Walker Memorial

Snooker Tournament"

Past President of Branch 258 - Larry Walker's wife

Tess Walker

presented the Trophy to the 2012 Winners

Rene Bujold & Frank Carr


Kevin Chambers Carried the Olympic Torch for his Branch 614, Zone D5 and District D

and brought the torch to the January Zone D5 Meeting




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