All Members with paid up dues for the year in which the tournament is being held.
Membership cards or receipt must be produced.
Late entries will result in disqualification.
There will be NO extension to the date
All entries must go through your Branch Sports Officers.

Zone D5 Sports Officer – Linda Simone

c/o B.O.M. Branch 345, 81 Peard Road, Toronto

Branch Telephone 416-759-5291


2018-2019 Zone D5 Sports Schedule 

Event Deadline for Entry forms Zone Play Date Registration Time Host Branch
Cribbage Striaght to District Oakridge Br. 73
Regular Darts Winners Listed Below BOM Br. 345
Senior Darts Winners Listed Below BOM Br. 345
Mixed Darts Winners Listed Below BOM Br. 345
Shuffleboard Sunday, January 2nd, 2019 Saturday, January 12th, 2019 10.30-11.00 am Highland Creek Br. 258
Washer Toss Saturday, April 13, 2019 Saturday, April 27th, 2019 9.00-9.45 am BOM Br. 345
Horseshoes Saturday, May 15th, 2019 Saturday, May 28th, 2019 9.00-9.45 am BOM Br. 345

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For a copy of the Provincial Command Sports Manual & Rules

Comrades, Come on out and sign up for Legion Sports at your local Branch and enjoy the sportsmanship and fun that the Legion sports has to offer contact your branch sports officer to be a part of the fun…

Sports Chairman
Dennis Fleming
Robert Levy
Larry French
Peter Ellenburger
Wayne Hayes & Steve Beckett

2018/2019 RESULTS will be listed as completed

  Regular Darts – SINGLES
  Branch Players
1st 345 Earl Rowe
2nd 13 Dave Muir
3rd 73 Wanda Campbell
4th 345 Terry Barker
5th 345 Paul Carlsen
6th 345 Derrick Norman
7th 73 Derrick Barnes
8th 73 Jim Ibbitson
9th 345 Greg Wright
10th 345 Mark Johnson
  Regular Darts – DOUBLES
  Branch Players
1st 345 Brandon Wheater/Jim Pappin
2nd 345 Earl Rowe/Derrick Norman
3rd 13 Frank Patterson/Dave Muir
4th 73 Ken Walker/Robert Levy
5th 73 Mike Kennedy/Jay Vigilante
6th 345 Greg Wright/Paul Carlsen
7th 345 Ross Giordanella/Lionel Johnson
8th 345 Mark Johnson/Dylan Anderson
9th 73 Cliff Withey/Ted Morris
10th 73 Dave Batterton/Jim Ibbitson
  Regular Darts – TEAMS
  Branch Players
1st 345 Rowe/Norman/Johnson/Anderson
2nd 345 Wright/Carlson/Wheater/Pappin
3rd 73 Withey/Ibbitson/Morris/Batterton
4th 73 Kennedy/Vigilante/Barnes/Travers
5th 345 Snelgrove/Johnson/Ellenburger/Giordanella
6th 13 Muir/Patterson/Evans/Fleming
7th 73 Walker/Levy/Campbell/Gautier
8th 345 Walker/Fuller/Barker/Seaton-Walker
Mixed Darts – DOUBLES
  Branch Players
1st 73 Jim Ibbitson/Sue Hollett *
2nd 614 Al Baker/Rose Sweetland
3rd 345 Jim Pappin/Cathrine Conahan *
4th 13 Jim MacPherson/Shirley MacDonald
5th 13 Dennis Fleming/Denise Fleming *
6th 73 Derrick Barnes/Bo Roberts*
7th 73 Dan Heath/Debbie Woodward
8th 345 Paul Carlson/Linda Wheater *
9th 614 Bob Dafoe/Karen Moore
10th 345 Linda Simone/Barry Wheater *
Please note the teams marked with a * qualified however, due to a conflict with another tournament cannot play at the district level.  Other teams that did not qualify are now playing.
  Mixed Darts – TEAMS
  Branch Players
1st 345 McBride/Fuller/Simone/Wheater *
2nd 13 Fleming/Fleming/Evans/Brea *
3rd 73 Ibbitson/Hollett/Heath/Woodward
4th 614 Beckett/Beckett/Baker/Sweetland
5th 13 MacPherson/MacDonald/Storey/Storey
6th 73 Kennedy/Kennedy/Barnes/Roberts *
7th 345 Pappin/Conahan/Carlsen/Wheater *
8th 345 LeBorgne/O’Brien/Walker/Seaton-Walker *
9th 614 Keats/Keats/East/East
Please note the teams marked with a * qualified however, due to a conflict with another tournament cannot play at the district level.  Therefore, only 4 teams are playing at District.
Euchre – TEAMS
Branch Players Place
258 Sulivan/Stamou/Sullivan/Jones 1st
73 Campbell/Levy/Campbell/Flannery 2nd
345 Wheater/O’Brien/Mitchell/O’Brien 3rd
258 Bow/Bucci/Moore/Stevens 4th
614 Powell/Dafoe/Hayes/Harnett 5th
13 MacDonald/MacPherson/Coleman 6th
73 Fraser/Fraser/Drummond/Drummond 7th
73 Kennedy/Vigilante/Barnes/Travers 8th
73 Harman/Lewis/Morin/Musgrove 9th
345 Wheater/Pittman/McBride/Rutherford 10th
345 Wheater/Magee/Giordonella/Capalbo Alternate
  Senior Darts – SINGLES
  Branch Players
1st 73 Earl Gray
2nd 345 Gerard O’Brien
3rd 345 Derrick Norman
4th 345 Lynn Mitchell
5th 345 Ren Anderson
6th 73 Dan Heath
7th 73 John Tye
8th 345 Barry Wheater
9th 345 Lionel Johnson
10th 345 Jim Pappin
   Senior Darts – DOUBLES
  Branch Players
1st 73 Ken Walker/Robert Levy
2nd 345 Laura LeBorgne/Lionel Johnson
3rd 614 Alan Barker/Stuart East
4th 73 Lindsay Vincent/Earl Gray
5th 73 Jr Travers/Donna Moores
6th 345 Linda Simone/Terry Barker
7th 614 Virginia East/Gerry Keats
8th 73 John Tye/ Linda Foster
9th 345 Barry Wheater/ Jim Pappin
10th 345 Ren Anderson/Derrick Norman
  Senior Darts – TEAMS
  Branch Players
1st 345 Anderson/Norman/Wheater/Pappin
2nd 73 Heath/Woodward/Gray/Vincent
3rd 345 Simone/Barker/LeBorgne/Johnson
4th 345 Mitchell/O’Brien/Seaton-Walker/Walker
5th 73 Walker/Levy/Campbell/Ibbitson
6th 614 Keats/Keats/East/ Sweetland
7th 73 Travers/Moores/Tye/Foster
8th 345 Walker/Fuller/Barker/Seaton-Walker
9th 13 Neal/Cepukas/Fleming/Aldridge
10th 614 Beckett/Beckett/Hayes/Hayes